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Hi there, I'm Serhii. I am a developer at MacPaw web team, where my team develops cool sites and internal projects for the company. I'm passionate about frontend development and trying to be better than yesterday.

Before Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have been a mentor and tutor for TS, React and HTML courses at HTML Academy.


 – present.

Senior Developer at MacPaw 🐾

MacPaw develops software for iOS and MacOS. Their products include CleanMyMac, Setapp, Gemini Photos and more. MacPaw‘s active user base exceeds 30 million worldwide. Every fifth Mac on Earth has at least one app by MacPaw.

  • Re-wrote Japanese site with Next.js and improve web vitals metrics
  • Mentored junior developers and interns in MacPaw Internship
  • Refactored the imgix code in PHP, which allowed to optimize the size of the pictures by 2-6 times 🔥
  • I was a speaker at internal Front-end meetups


Frontend Developer at Phase One Karma

Phase One Karma created AI-driven anti-plagiarism checker with more than 1 million users worldwide Unicheck.

  • Reduced code base and improved code reusability by creating shared npm UI library with Storybook
  • Reduced chunk size by 12 KB each, it crops the final bundle by 60kb
  • Built from scratch new user dashboard with Next.js
  • Re-wrote old WordPress site to Gatsby
  • Create team guidelines for writing CSS and SCSS


Frontend Developer at PDFfiller

One of four Ukrainian unicorn 🦄 company. PDFfiller is a comprehensive online document management platform and provides service to over 120,000 businesses around the world and in almost every industry.

  • Improved internal UI framework by shared classes. It reduced the size of the CSS bundle by 5%
  • Developed high-quality, scalable, and reusable UI library for 3 big company products
  • Refactored Pug/Jade components to React
  • Improved website accessibility for passing WCAG


Frontend Developer at Hexa

Hexa - a small web studio that makes websites and turnkey solutions.

  • Moved manual creation of emails to framework Foundation
  • Created user-friendly web pages


Master degree in Electromechanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive at NMU.

I love Eating, Parties, and Cars

Me with tennis cupI am eat =)Me with Anton near red BMWMe with Anton near red Golf GTI