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“Knowledge must be shared”.

Developers must keep up with technology trends. So I'd like to share my tried-and-true list of top resources for learning and maintaining knowledge.


  • frontendmasters.com - one of the best platform for learning Frontend
  • egghead.io - high quality, concise web development screencasts
  • epicreact.dev - probably the best course on React
  • freecodecamp.org/ - free verified certifications
  • edx.org - courses from top universities (Harvard, MIT and others)
  • ui.dev - fun and nice courses about frontend ecosystem by Tyler McGinnis
  • coursera.org - learn computer science, business, languages, health, arts by top universities and authors
  • udacity.com - advance your mastery of data science and web
  • newline.co - everything you need for full-stack development
  • pluralsight.com - online education platform that offers courses primarily geared toward software developers.
  • scrimba.com - interactive courses and tutorials. Watch the video and write the code directly online



  • leetcode.com - probably a better place to practice solving problems for FAANG
  • hackerrank.com - place where you can prepare for Interviews
  • codewars.com - achieve code mastery through challenge


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