PHPStorm Allow Network Connections on Startup

Serhii Shramko

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PhpStorm allow network popup

PHPStorm has a bug in macOS where it always asks for permission to connect to the network on every startup.

So how to fix it?

Generate a new certificate in Keychain Access

  • Open Keychain Access and from the main menu open Certificate Assistant then click on Create a Certificate
  • Fill out the follow:
    • Name: PHPStorm-network (can be any)
    • Identity: Self-Signed Root
    • Certificate Type: Code Signing
    • Leave the checkbox unchecked
  • Click save then Continue
Keychain Access create certificate window

Assign the Certificate to PHPStorm

Open your terminal and enter the following where “PHPStorm” is the name of the Certificate you just created and the correct location for the

codesign -s "PHPStorm-network" -f /Applications/
console codesign window

Now restart PHPStorm, and it will ask you one last time to verify the incoming network connections, and after that it shouldn’t ask you again!

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